Patch Notes

  • 16 July 2022

We have released a new update for the FiveM app. The main focus of this update is to improve the overall stability of the app and to fix some bugs. FiveM, the popular modding tool for Grand Theft Auto V, has released a new update that includes a host of new features and improvements. The biggest new addition is the ability to mod the game's main menu, which will allow players to customize the game's interface to their liking. There are also a number of new features for modders to take advantage of, including the ability to add custom models and animations to the game. In addition to the new features, the update also includes a number of fixes and improvements. These include a fix for a crash that could occur when using certain mods, as well as various other stability and performance improvements.

FiveM, the multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V, released an update today with a few new features, fixes, and changes. The biggest change is the inclusion of the Entity Sync system, which helps keep track of entities between clients and servers. This should help reduce some of the issues with entities disappearing or not appearing correctly. In addition, the update includes changes to the vehicle spawner, the map editor, and the map loading system. Finally, a number of bugs have been fixed, including an issue with the vehicle nameplates not appearing correctly, an issue with the map editor not saving changes correctly, and an issue with the game not loading the correct map when joining a server.

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